Cinoart PT2
  • Patent GLS – Guides the handle into correct position for an absolute flat even tamp.
  • User Friendly – Easy to use, Quick to set up, Smart features.
  • Segmented Multi Tamping – Pre-Set from 1 to 3 tamp cycles.
  • Pressure Control – largest on the market from 2 kg to 38 kg
  • Small Footprint – maximising bench space upon a sturdy non-slip suction cup base
  • Sleep Mode – Overnight screen saver
  • Total Tamp Cycle Counter – up to 10,000 cycles.
  • Longevity – fatigue tested past one million cycles without wavering.
  • Non-Stick – nano technology coating for clean tamping
  • Available with 58MM base as standard. 58.3MM can be supplied upon request

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