Kinto Coffee Measuring Spoon

Stylish as it is practical

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The Kinto Slow Coffee Style Measuring Spoon measures 10g of coffee beans in one full scoop. Due to the spoons handmade finish the natural wood pattern, size and shape of each spoon is slightly different and unique. There are also slight variations in the colour of each spoon because it is made from natural wood.

The product series 'Slow Coffee Style' was born to bring you the taste of coffee brewed by the pour-over method with the relaxed passage of time.

Time slowly goes by with each drip of coffee; brewed in a beautiful stainless steel filter, then dripped into a gently formed coffee carafe.

The series includes a wide range of choices, so you can easily find your own style of slow coffee!

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  • Dimensions: W105 x D50 x H30 mm
  • Material: teak (oil finish)