Bosca Lómhara

/ n. precious box /

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Our Bosca Lómhara / Precious Box / has been designed to add a touch of understated luxury and timelessness to your coffee moments.

This Coffeeangel project began by looking for like-minded, local craftspeople whose contemporary and luxurious approach to traditional Irish products would inspire us, not only today, but would also be loved by generations to come. This resulted in an wonderful and exclusive collaboration with:

  • Dublin’s STABLE of Ireland whose passion is to introduce the beauty, heritage and quality of Irish linen to a modern generation,
  • Co. Sligo’s O'Riain Pottery whose contemporary, stoneware pieces can now be found in boutiques and homes around the world



Specifically designed for the coffee lover, our Bosca Lómhara / Precious Box / is presented in a warm-grey gift box and includes:

  • Two Coffeeangel Stoneware Tasting Mugs by O’Riain Pottery
  • One 100% Irish linen navy table runner by STABLE of Ireland
  • Two 100% 'Coffeeangel orange' Irish Linen herringbone napkins by STABLE of Ireland
  • A gorgeous, non-slip walnut serving tray
  • And of course a box of Coffeeangel’s delicious, limited-edition Christmas blend, Sú Nollag