Kinto SCS Carafe Set | SCS-02-CC-PL

300ML. Plastic Brewer

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If you’re in search of a simple means of creating great coffee, then you won’t find many simpler than the pour-over method. Simply cram the conical dripper with a handful of your favourite grounds, pour over hot water and let gravity do the rest. When the water drains from the bottom, it’ll be fully infused with delicious coffee flavour.

This set provides everything you need to create and serve your perfect pour-over brew. Included is a glass carafe, a plastic brewer, and a holder. Each is designed to work in perfect partnership with the rest, and they’ll also slot neatly into one another for easy storage.

The holder can be used to measure out beans before you grind them, meaning that there’s no need to use a scale. The carafe is marked to two cups, so you’ll be able to easily see when it’s ready to pour; there’s room in there for 300ml of your favourite coffee, and if you remove the dripper you’ll have room for twice that.

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  • Capacity 300ML: ø 100 x H150 x W125 mm
  • [carafe] heat-resistant glass / microwave and dishwasher safe
  • [plastic brewer] copolyester / dishwasher safe
  • [holder] AS resin / dishwasher safe
  • [paper filter] cotton pulp, wood pulp


  • 20 x Kinto Cotton Paper Filters 2-cup