WiFi @coffeeangel

Posted by Karl Purdy on Sep 12, 2016

Those of you who have signed into the WiFi @coffeeangel on a smart device over the last few days may have noticed we are trying something new and a little different. Always on the hunt for new and innovative ways to add value to Coffeeangel’s customer experience (outside of great tasting coffee and courteous service), we have launched a new system in the hopes of engaging with you, the customer, in another - and hopefully positive - way.
Signing Into the WiFi @coffeeangel
Signing Into the WiFi @coffeeangel
I believe the official term for what we are doing is called ‘location or proximity-based marketing’ and it relies on you sharing your contact details with us by registering your smart device (phone, tablet, laptop) with our WiFi Network / WiFi @coffeeangel / using either Facebook or email. This sign-in / registration process only needs to be done once as the system remembers your device’s MAC address. And by registering on the Network our system is then able to link your name to your device and will allow us to engage with you in a more sophisticated and intelligent way each time you and your device visit one of Coffeeangel’s WiFi enabled shops. We know this is a big ask for many people (sharing your contact details can be scary) and could be perceived as invasive or intrusive, but we are genuinely hoping to add a little something extra to the experience of visiting our shops. And we promise we’re not sharing your details with anyone! Those of your who have already signed into our Network (with genuine contact details - Boobie McBoobie could possibly be a nom de plume but do check your inbox all the same) will have received an email from us notifying you that you have successfully registered on the Network and that we may contact you from time to time.
Following your initial registration, we will be sending you on small token of appreciation that you can redeem on your next visit to any Coffeeangel - Lovin’ Dublin was quick off the mark and let the cat out of the bag on day one (but we love ya all the same). But should the thought of us contacting you directly totally freak you out, there is an option at the bottom of every email to opt out of the system with immediate effect. We sincerely do not want to impose, intrude or for you to feel that our correspondence is SPAM. But if you do decide to stick with it, this little system will let us know things like when it is your birthday or how often you have visited. And maybe we can send you a little message or a treat to mark the occasion? The system will also allow us to team up with others to send you profile or shop relevant emails like a Weekend Gig Guide on a Friday or global news headlines on a Monday morning. We may contact your to let you know if we have something special arriving in time for Mother’s Day or if there is a power cut in one of our shops (it has happened before) and you may need to divert to one of our other shops for your caffeine fix ;-) We will be constantly evolving and tweaking the system and would welcome your comments or thoughts - especially if you’ve registered already. Feedback is crucial. There is still no beating the one-on-one, in-store, human engagement between barista and customer! And genuine, personal service remains at the core of what Coffeangel is about. At the same time, technology is here to stay and if it can be used is a way that improves or adds to our customer’s experience we feel it’s 100% worth trying. This new system is currently in place in the following Coffeeangel locations: Best, Karl.