San Jacinto | Gorgeous Natural from Honduras

Posted by Karl Purdy on Jul 03, 2017


Don Antonio Martinez, of Finca Florencia and Santo Tomás estates, was a prolific and very successful Honduran coffee farmer. He and his wife had three children; two girls and one boy. When Don Antonio passed away, the brother (as was the norm) inherited all the farm land. However, he also passed away shortly after his father, leaving Doña Isaura and her sister in charge of the whole coffee operation. Sadly, this did not begin well...

When growing up, women from rural regions in Honduras very rarely received a formal education. And they tended to be quite far removed from the agricultural management of what were, almost invariably, their fathers’ farms. When the two sisters inherited the farm, they knew virtually nothing about running a coffee farm – other than the everyday small tasks to which their father had set them when they were young. They knew even less about running a business.

For several years the farms suffered due to the lack of knowledge and experience of Isaura and her sister. However, eventually, with the help of their own family and neighbours, they managed to save 35 hectares of these beautiful coffee estates and have restored Finca Florencia and Santo Tomás to their former glory, even winning regional coffee competitions.


San Jacinto (also owned by Isaura) is a very small sister farm of La Florencia and Santo Tomás; farms that have always used the washed method when processing their coffee. However, given their recent successes and the quality of the coffee from San Jacinto, Doña Isaura decided to experiment this year and naturally process the coffee cherries from San Jacinto. And are we glad she did!

This speciality, micro-lot is bursting with fruit sweetness and floral aromas. Exceptionally clean on the pallet, you can expect notes of red cherry, violets and dark chocolate from this medium bodied coffee. It is delicious whether brewed as espresso or filter.


Doña Isaura has great hopes for Finca Florencia, Santo Tomás and San Jacinto's future and is making every effort to continue improving the farm’s practices. Her main goal is to leave a legacy of a well managed farms for her future generations. Oh, and also...she’s making sure the women of her family are learning the skills they need to run a farm!