Delicious New Arrival: ETHIOPIA REKO

Posted by Karl Purdy on Jul 20, 2016

Excitement builds every summer in anticipation of the arrival of fresh crop Ethiopians - and this year is no exception! We are thrilled to announce that REKO - one of Coffeeangel’s most popular coffees of 2015 - has now returned. This washed Yirgacheffe was amazing last year, and the 2016 crop is even better. You can expect a beautifully light, clean and vibrant coffee with sweet notes of stone fruit, apricot and caramel. And aromas of jasmine will utterly delight. Wet Mill: Reko Washing Station Pronounced: “Rhee-koh” Region: Kochere, Yirgacheffe Altitude: 1850-2100masl Varietals: Mixed Heirloom, Kurume Picked: Nov 2015 - Jan 2016 Farmers: Exact number unknown
Background Reko is a small washing station in the Kochere region bordered on the east by Gedeb, on the southwest by the Oromia Region, and on the north by Yirgachefe. Production, which began in 2001, occurs at an altitude of around 1850-2100 meters. During harvest - which normally takes place between late November and mid-January - about 850 farmers (though the precise number is unknown) bring their red cherries to the washing station.
Yirgacheffe - Hand Sorting
The fresh coffee cherries are first washed with water from a nearby river, after which they are pulped by an old Agard pulping-machine. The mucilage is removed by traditional fermentation, which lasts 36-48 hours depending on the weather conditions.
The coffee is then dried on raised African beds (over 120 beds are present at the washing station) for 10-12 days.
Tasting This gorgeous coffee epitomises the finesse, clarity and vibrancy of high-quality washed Yirgacheffes. Reko is now available to purchase online or in any of our shops in Dublin. Aroma: Jasmine Body: Elegant, silky, light Acidity: Lemons on the finish Taste: Stone fruits, apricot and caramel