Buesaco Coffee Producers

Posted by Karl Purdy on May 10, 2016

Owner: Buesaco Co-op Region: Buesaco, Nariño Variety: Caturra & Castillo The Growers Buesaco is a small town situated in some of the most challenging environments to work in, on incredibly remote, steep hillsides (up to 2,200 metres above sea level) located in the far south-west of Columbia, close to the border of Ecuador. The producers based in this region are mainly very small with general production in Columbia based around smallholders who are related to a cooperative or association.
Drying and Removing Imperfect Coffee Beans in Buesaco
The growers’ association from whom this single origin coffee is sourced have established a cupping lab and are currently adding further members to their grouping. Although there is a premium for this product, this allows more money to go back into the hands of the growers, which permitted this young organisation to establish their cupping lab last year. What is unique about this association, when compared to the many other similar private and cooperative buyers in the town of Buesaco, is that, as far as is known, they are the only ones who are cupping and keeping the lots separate.
The Cupping Lab in Buesaco
The Coffee The coffee cherries are initially hand-picked by farmers after which they are allowed to ferment overnight. The coffee is then washed at which point floaters and damaged cherries are separated. The coffee is rinsed in clean water before being sent to be dried which, in Nariño, is done on small patios or in ventilated parabolic dryers to cover it from the rain.
Coffee Beans Drying Outside in Columbia
Growers then sift through the dried coffee, hand sorting impure and light beans which leads to the farmers frequently delivering really small outturns of coffee. As soon as they have their small daily or weekly batches ready, they transport them to Buesaco.
Mules which Transport the Coffee Beans to the Town
Tasting Notes The Caturra and Castillo varieties in this offer deliver an aroma similar to orange peel and a flavour mix of peaches, vanilla and elderflower. Buesaco is wonderfully brewed as both espresso and as filter, but, we think it really begins to sing when brewed a little slower using the likes of the Hario V60, Chemex, Aeropress, etc. Enjoying it as it cools will really allow the delicate fruit and floral notes to shine. Acidity: Stone-fruit, medium-high Body: Medium, round Aroma: Orange peel Flavour: Peaches, vanilla and elderflower Available for purchase from our online store here.