Brew Methods

Posted by Karl Purdy on Nov 20, 2011

With another Christmas just around the corner, there will be plenty of coffee gadgets, tools and brewers packed, wrapped and deposited beneath trees. Whether you are giving or receiving, the gift options for the coffee lover are endless. At Coffeeangel, we are big fans of a multitude of manual brewing methods. But we accept that - for the non-professional - deciding what coffee tool to give (or what to do with the one you receive) can be a daunting and confusing proposition. Thankfully there is a fantastic and objective coffee resource available online that will both answer and inform...
Brew Methods is designed with one thing in mind: To provide anyone and everyone with access to the best coffee brewing guides in the entire universe. is filled with tips, tutorials and videos from some of the world's most respected coffee pro's. So if you are thinking of buying - or just received - an AeroPress, Hario V60, or some other amazing coffee tool, the good folks at have created a brilliant resource providing you with thorough overviews and professional tutorials on what's really involved in producing fantastic coffee. Knowledge is power. Happy Brewing!!!