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      Gatta Farm was a natural forest before being discovered by the co-founder Mulugeta Dukamo. The first coffees were planted in 2013 with a drying station established in 2017. The vegetation and forest surrounding the farm provides natural shade for the farm and the drying station. Plantation, harvesting and processing works are mainly done by the local residents. Work opportunities and proper wages provide real benefits to both local men and women.

      Priority is also given to ecological and sustainable processing practices. Water used in the washing process is discharged properly and mainly turned into natural fertilisers and compost used at the farm. The farm itself and the facilities are built in order to preserve the natural forestry and vegetation around. 

      In 2020, Daye Bensa received the organic certification to start exporting fully organic crops. Other certifications held by Daye Bensa are: UTZ &  RainForest Alliance.